Classes are available to men, women, and children of ALL skill and fitness levels. In training you will learn the practical application of all offensive and defensive skills against an opponent, using padded protective gear, combining self defense with an excellent workout.

In a safe and supervised environment, you will learn techniques used by MAS world class athletes at national and international competitions.


The competition program will include increased duration and intensity of Thai Technique. Through sparring and sport specific fight scenarios, this program will allow you to reach that next level in your training. There are skill developing tournaments available for all levels and ages. Student must be invited by head instructor before entering into the competition program.



Our students benefit greatly from BJJ developing physical fitness, problem-solving abilities, self-knowledge of their body and mind and the many social benefits of working within a large group of like-minded students. John Danaher is the Renzo Gracie Black Belt Instructor BJJ.


Our classes will generally comprise of a brief warm-up, guard-passing drills, positional drills, technique and training. We train with a partner almost all the time.

Our academy is proudly affiliated with the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa under head instructor Pat Cooligan. Our students also have the opportunity to train at any of numerous BJJ seminars held through affiliate Academies.



In this class you will be practicing the techniques you have learned in MMA Technique and putting them to use in a cardio intensive environment. Everything taught in MMA Fitness has two main objectives: to help improve your technique while being in a high stress situation and to increase your overal fitness level.


Once a student has become proficient in both the MMA Technique and MMA Fitness programs they are eligible for the MMA Sparring class, providing they have been recommended by their head instructor. This class will be a high intensity workout requiring an equal level of dedication and discipline from the qualified students.


In this class you will learn the fundamental techniques needed as the building blocks to become well rounded in MMA, including striking, wrestling, submissions and escapes. All training will be conducted in a safe, team-oriented environment.



Thai Conditioning consists of dynamic warm-ups, plyo-metric movement and partnered pad drills. This explosive program’s aim is to tone muscle, burn fat, improve endurance, increase cardiovascular ability and build strength and explosiveness. This exciting and empowering program will ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re looking to excel and improve your physical fitness level, our conditioning program is for you! It is a sure-fire strategy for cross training to reach a new level of fitness and athletic capabilities for your sport of practice.


• Pad work will push your cardiovascular levels, relieve stress and burn fat

• Plyo-metrics will increase physical explosive power and endurance

• Dynamic warm-ups will improve your body’s co-ordination and efficiency



This all-female, fun, kick-butt program consists of cardio conditioning, self-defense and kickboxing technique. The programs aim is to tone muscle, improve coordination and balance, burn fat, improve endurance, increase cardiovascular ability and build strength. This exciting and empowering program was designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.


The ladies fight fitness program is a no contact sparring program. Many ladies fight fitness graduates have went on to excel in light contact, full contact, K1 and Muay Thai kickboxing.

On Saturday’s we host Women’s only sparring for those who wish to learn how to use the art more effectively and realistically. The class is run by one of our female Muay Thai Champions.



This program will improve your child’s balance, coordination, focus, physical ability and social skills. We will focus on developing their motor skills through martial arts drills, increase social and behaviour development through team oriented scenarios.

This 46 minute class consists of a variety of motor-skill activity such as line-drills, running, jumping, self-defense techniques, conditioning basics and a short game to encourage reward for their hard work. This program also allows children to explore the MAS facility.


The junior strikers program was designed to allow maximum growth for your child at our Academy. This program will take your child’s martial arts training to the next level while keeping their training fun and exciting!

The 45 minute class consists of a short traditional component, fitness component, and technical component where the head instructor and team leaders will ensure your child is reaching their maximum potential for their training in a ratio of one team leader to a maximum of 5 children.

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